Dining Lighting


Great lighting is essential to a beautiful home. Good lighting sets the mood, creates the scene, and brings your home to life. We specialize in interior lighting at Radco Electric. We love installing recessed lights because the results of new lighting are immediate and our customers respond so positively.

For new homes, we tailor our interior lighting design consultation services to each job, from a site visit during construction, all the way through a full lighting design, complete with fixture specifications. In our lighting design package, we are happy to work with homeowners early in the project to clarify their goals and objectives, simultaneously coordinating with the design team to integrate those ideas into a beautiful and functional installation. The whole project comes together to striking effect when we adjust all fixtures after move-in and program any control systems to the client’s wishes.

Your house is your home, your sanctuary. You create your own expression through a blend of wall coverings, flooring, and accent pieces. And lighting is one of the most powerful elements in interior design. You can create any atmosphere you can imagine, and Radco Electric is here to help you.

Many existing homes come with basic fixtures installed by the builder, and sometimes no overhead lighting at all. We can help.

We provide on-site lighting consultations to help with layout, design, and lighting choices. We will show you what lights will work best in your home and help you get the look you want.

Our certified electricians have the know-how and equipment to run the wires through your walls and ceilings with no messy drywall patching in most cases. Don’t let an unskilled worker cut holes in your ceiling or walls. We can run the wires with NO MESS, NO DUST, and NO DAMAGE TO SHEETROCK.

When it comes to recessed lighting our company is the BEST in the Metro Atlanta area. We have installed more than 6,000 recessed lights and we install hundreds more every month. We can expertly install a full range of lighting types and lighting design. All you have to do is choose the style. We will provide the lights, take care of the installation, and leave your home just as clean as before we arrived.

We specialize in kitchens, bathrooms, sitting rooms and hallways. We’re proud of our work updating kitchens that have old fluorescent box lights. The kitchen is the most used room in the home and it should have the best lighting. And we can work in any room, no matter how high the ceiling; our specialized ladders will reach the highest ceilings safely and professionally.

Call us and we will have a Certified Electrician in a fully-stocked truck at your door. We will provide an upfront price and can do the work right then. No waiting.

If you are looking for a professional interior lighting contractor in the north Atlanta Metro area, then please call 678-895-2775 or complete our online request form.