Surge Protection

Surge Protection Installation Atlanta


Surges are sudden and unexpected spikes in voltage that travel through your home electrical system. Some surges come from inside your own home, when you turn on a dryer or send a document to your printer. Other surges come from outside your home, as in lightning strikes, electric utility switching, downed power poles or cut power lines. A surge can enter even through cable television or telephone wiring.

For example, if lightning strikes your home, or even near it, a surge may go through the electrical system and “fry” anything that is plugged in — whether it is turned on or off. Homeowners end up having to pay out of pocket to replace expensive appliances and equipment.

Most Georgia homes have some type of equipment (kitchen appliances, water heaters, computers) which is vulnerable to power surges. These items can be protected with a whole-house surge protector, which we can install quickly and efficiently. Additionally, entertainment equipment and/or computers can be protected with a surge bar. Some of these affordable surge protectors come with a lifetime warranty covering up to $25,000 worth of appliances.

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